Student Employment

Research and teaching assistantships are highly competitive and selections are made by the individual Academic Departments/Programs. Pay rates and time commitment vary by position. Students should reach out directly to the academic administrators regarding availability. Contact information can be found on the student hand book:

The Student Employment Office posts Harvard-wide job opportunities for both domestic and international students. These include both FWS opportunities and opportunities open to all students. International students cannot work more than 20 hours/week and domestic students are discouraged from working more than 20 hours/week.

Federal Work Study (FWS) – Domestic Students Only

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a federal financial aid program in which the federal government subsidizes approximately 70% of eligible students’ earnings. FWS awards are based on a student’s financial need and other financial aid awarded. To be eligible for FWS students must first complete the FAFSA and be registered in a degree program for a minimum of 10 credits per semester.

Pay rates vary based on the employer and should be the same as a non-work study student would be paid. Students may work on-campus or for an approved off-campus employer. Students can use FWS towards practicum positions with off-campus employers. Once a job has been secured, the student must complete an online FWSP Referral Card.

Additional FWS information can be found on the Student Employment Office website.