Loan Information

Educational loans enable many students the ability to attend the Harvard Chan School. However, student loan debt carries a higher premium and borrowers must consider certain lending conditions in order to maximize their educational rate of return.

Students are encouraged to consider their loan/debt tolerance and can review the Harvard Chan School’s cost of attendance and budgeting accordingly.

Please view Harvard University’s Student Loan Code of Conduct for more information about Harvard’s policies regarding code of conduct with respect to student loans.

Students are advised to carefully review all terms and conditions of any loans before signing any promissory notes.

Factors to consider when reviewing the terms & conditions of a loan program

  • The impact of your credit (credit-score/history)
  • Enrollment requirements
  • Interest Rates
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Fees
  • Repayment Incentives
  • Total Cost
  • Logistics of Repayment
  • Deferment/Forbearance options including length of in-school deferment, for periods of financial hardship
  • Flexibility of repayment plans