Obesity Prevention Source

An in-depth resource for all who seek to understand the causes of obesity and to reverse the epidemic of obesity in children and adults

Policy and environmental changes are the foundation of obesity prevention. Our goal is to inform and empower people with science-based information about what can and must be done to prevent adult and childhood obesity; and ultimately, to turn back the obesity epidemic’s global spread.

Here’s what you’ll find on The Obesity Prevention Source:

  • Concise research summaries on obesity causes
  • Roadmaps to promising obesity prevention strategies: It’s never too early to start preventing obesity, so child obesity prevention strategies for families, early child care, and schools receive special focus. Other sections cover strategies for worksites and the health care system, as well as community and national-level strategies for improving the food and built environment.
  • Obesity statistics and trends: Make the case for obesity prevention with child obesity statistics and adult obesity statistics, as well as articles that review the effects of obesity on health and healthcare costs.

Many factors contribute to rising rates of obesity in children and adults. Among them: The abundance of low-priced, high-calorie processed foods and sugary drinks; Incessant food marketing to drive people to eat more, even when they are full; and technology advances that reduce the need for daily physical activity. Yet what sometimes gets lost in the discussion of our worldwide weight problem is one simple fact: Obesity is preventable, and we can turn around the obesity epidemic by collaboratively creating an environment where the default option is the healthy choice.