Congratulations to our 2014 graduates!

Doctor of Science                    Master of Science
Oscar Arias                                    Tian Chu
Elena Austin                                  Shangzhi Gao
Kathleen Attfield                           Fangli Geng
Marie-Abele Bind                          Kelsey Gleason
Jonathan Buonocore                     Xindi Hu
Joel Cohen                                      Jimmy Khaw
Christine Dobson                           Linyan Li
Tianteng Fan                                  Shawna MacDonald
Thuy Lam                                        Piers MacNaughton
Catlin Powers                                  Jong Eun Rhee
Marcela Tamayo Y Ortiz                Ran Rotem
Sophia Yang Qiu                             Thais Terceiro Jorge
Yongmei Shen                                 Kevin Towle
Jason Wong                                     Jing Zhang
Zheng Zhou                                     Wanting Zhou

Master of Public Health
Tadahiro Ikemoto
Yi-tsen Lai
Patthrarawalai Phichalai
Tory Woodard

Medical Residents
Mason Harrell
Erin Teeple

Mission Statement

The Department of Environmental Health (EH) believes that the essence of public health is the primary prevention of disease. EH’s mission is to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the health of all people through global leadership in research and training in environmental health.

Department Structure

The Department of Environmental Health focuses on complex problems that require a multi-disciplinary approach. Teaching is carried out through three concentrations:

There are also four Centers housed within the Department of Environmental Health:


Tuesday, August 12 — 12:30 p.m. in Kresge G-2
“Hot Topics 2014″ Seminar, sponsored by HSPH Office of Education
Your Delicious Foods at Risk: Honey Bees and Public Health
Alex Lu, Associate Professor of Environmental Exposure Biology,
Department of Environmental Health

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