IRB Cede Review/IAAs & IIAs

Click on a form name in the table below to open the individual form. Save the form to your computer desktop and reopen it before completing. To learn more about IRB Authorization Agreements and Individual Investigator Agreements contact the Leslie Howes.

For IAA with Harvard Catalyst Institution

Visit this link and use your eCommons or Harvard ID and pin, to request an IRB Authorization Agreement under the Master Reliance Agreement. This IRB cede review request form is for agreements between our institution and any other Harvard Catalyst affiliate.

Instructions on how to complete the request form can be found at: Instructions

IRB Authorization Agreement (IAA) Request (click to download)

When multiple institutions are engaged in the Human Research, submit this form allowing an investigator to designate Harvard as the Reviewing Institution (responsible for IRB review) or Relying Institution only when such agreements are with non-Harvard Catalyst institutions.

Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA) (click to download)

Submit this form when researchers working on a project are not affiliated with Harvard, but are also not covered under another Federalwide Assurance-holding institution. These individuals will need to complete the IIA form as well as human subjects training.

Questions about what to submit? Please contact us.