Post Submission Guidance

I’ve submitted an IRB application, now what?

Flow chart of application review in the electronic review system (ESTR).

IRB submissions are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here for instructions on how to check the status of your application.

Your will review your application and request clarifications on any unclear or missing items. When responding to these clarifications, refer to these instructions. In response to the IRB, researchers should provide a point by point response to each question, make edits within study documents in tracked changes, and revise the ESTR SmartForm application, as needed. This question/answer cycle will occur until the IRB has all the information needed to make a determination. This cycle can be completed by the Principal Investigator and/or the Primary Contact. The IRB will issue a determination letter in ESTR once the review is complete and the IRB has approved the study.

The IRB asked me to submit an updated, tracked changes version of my application documents into the ESTR SmartForm. How do I do this?

Instructions on how to change or update study documents can be found here. The IRB requires any revised document be returned in track changes mode so the edits made are visible. When submitting revised study documents, please make sure to click ‘Update’ rather than ‘Delete’ or ‘Add’:

Screen grab of electronic application system with red text arrows demonstrating where documents are to be attached.