PDA Mission

The purpose of the HSPH Postdoctoral Association shall be:
1. To promote professional enrichment, development and training of postdoctoral fellows at HSPH.
2. To provide a liaison between postdoctoral fellows and the administration and faculty of HSPH.
3. To establish a formal forum for postdoctoral fellows to meet and discuss issues of importance to the postdoctoral fellows at HSPH.
4. To provide a collective voice for the issues that are relevant and of interest to postdoctoral fellows at HSPH.
5. To promote social interaction and create an environment in which peer support is openly sought and available.
6. To enhance the postdoctoral fellow experience and appreciate postdoctoral fellows as an important part of the HSPH community.
7. To provide for efficient dissemination of relevant information to all postdoctoral fellows at HSPH.
8. To help new incoming postdoctoral fellows integrate into the HSPH community.
The HSPH Postdoctoral Association is not a union and does not represent
individuals for the purpose of collective bargaining with any organizations.