PDA Travel Award

The Postdoc Association Travel Award provides financial support for Harvard Chan research fellows and associates to attend conferences. The award targets fellows who have limited opportunities to attend conferences. Awards are given in the fall and spring.

The Travel Awards are managed by the PDA’s Vice President for External Affairs.

Spring 2021 Travel Award

We are happy to announce the winners of the PDA Fall Conference Awards (“travel” awards). We were able to fund more awards this year because each was funded for a smaller amount (up to $500 of virtual conference registration/expenses) but we still had more qualified applicants than we were able to fund. Thanks to Georgios Polychondritis, chair of the PDA awards committee for coordinating this effort and to all the faulty who volunteered to score abstracts.


  • Yan Yan, Dept. of Biostatistics
  • You Wu,  Dept. of Nutrition
  • Jinhee Hur, Dept. of Nutrition
  • Martha Tamex, Dept of Nutrition
  • Vanessa Laversenne, Dept of Molecular Metabolism
  • Anna Plym, Dept of Epidemiology
  • Marouen Ben Guebila, Dept. of Biostatistics
  • Yuan Ma, Dept of Epidemiology
  • Gyoyoon Yim, Dept of Environmental Health
  • Tomotaka Ugai, Dept. of Epidemiology
  • Nicole Deville, Dept. of Epidemiology

Research associate 

  • Marcin Straczkiewicz, Dept of Biostatistics


Previous recipients