After a long pandemic year, experts look to the future

January 2021- One year after the first reported cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., experts from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health offered advice on how the new Biden administration can best tackle the pandemic. They discussed topics including testing, vaccines, and schools.



Healthier housing, rooted in social justice

October 28, 2020 – As a resident of Boston’s diverse, working-class Dorchester neighborhood, MỹDzung  Chu has learned first-hand, through her work with a local advocacy group focused on housing issues, about the shortage of affordable quality housing, about her neighbors’ fears of being displaced by new developments, and about how some landlords ignore necessary repairs—perhaps to drive tenants out in order to resell or re-lease the property for higher profit.

She knows that if people are worried that they can’t make rent, their stress can skyrocket; that if a landlord doesn’t repair a leaky ceiling or address mold or pest issues, it can lead to illness; that lead paint chipping off a windowsill can cause brain damage in young children.

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We’re better off when we can breathe easy

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us didn’t think about indoor air very much, if at all. But healthy buildings expert Joseph Allen has been studying indoor air for years. He says that since we spend 90% of lives inside, we need to do more to make our offices, homes, and schools places where we can breathe easy.

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