The story of making drinking and driving socially unacceptable relates to distracted driving, today — “Note to Self” Interview With Jay Winsten

Distracted Is the New Drunk

Note to Self podcast interview from WNYCDecember 7, 2016 — “Note to Self,” WNYC: “Instead of saying, ‘don’t be a distracted driver,’ we want to shift from a ‘don’t’ message to a ‘do’ message and we want to encourage people to become, sophisticated, attentive drivers. If you’re distracted — if you’re holding a smartphone up to your ear and you’re talking — you may well be looking straight down the road, but you develop tunnel vision. They think if they’re looking straight ahead, they’re paying attention, but no. They need to scan and there are particular ways that you can be taught to scan — and they’re easy.”
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