Dealing with a combination of hope and hype: Driverless tech’s promise of future lives-saved VS. deaths in overlapping test-phase

May 7, 2018 — The Harvard Gazette: “‘Self-Driving Cars: Pros and Cons for the Public’s Health’ featured Jay Winsten…Though safety is the main selling point of the new technology, Winsten predicted that fatalities involving self-driving cars will rise even as the number of overall road deaths falls. An important question will involve how the public reacts and whether a backlash against the technology stalls development, he … Continue reading

Keep your hands on the wheel, not a device

Imagine you’re driving with your family on a two-lane suburban road at around 50 miles an hour when another car approaches from the opposite direction. As the two cars close at a combined speed of 100 miles per hour, separated by a mere five feet on opposite sides of the painted center line, is it … Continue reading “Keep your hands on the wheel, not a device”