Gender Equity Working Group at Harvard Chan

Gender Equity Working Group at Harvard Chan School

The Gender Equity Working Group is a collective of students and professional staff whose role is to advise and guide action steps taken at the Harvard Chan School as it relates to fostering greater gender equity and inclusion. As a School, we plan to be responsive and want our action steps to be as thoughtful and thorough as possible in order to most effectively support the needs of our women, transgender, and non-binary community members.

Timeline of Recent Action Steps

Information on recent efforts at the Harvard Chan School are available here.

Our Gender Inclusive Restroom Locations

Information on currently available all-gender restroom locations at Harvard Chan can be found here.

Educational Resources for Community

Working Group Membership

Share Your Feedback

Please know that your feedback and perspectives are important to our work. If you would like to provide any feedback or share your perspectives, please email us at