Legacy of Slavery Projects at Harvard Chan

graphic representation of Harvard Yard with intersecting paths in burgundyGo Here To View Feedback, Comments, and Summary Documents from Community Discussions on the Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery Report’s Recommendations

In April 2022, Harvard University published the Harvard & Legacy of Slavery Report detailing the university’s ties to slavery and the slavery economy. The report also included a set of Recommendations on actions that can be taken by the university, which was generated by the university’s President’s Committee on Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery. To learn more about the university’s efforts, please visit the Office of the Vice Provost for Special Projects web page.

In this early stage of our work, the Legacy of Slavery Projects at the Harvard Chan School encompasses a series of community discussions and activities throughout the year centered on Harvard University’s Legacy of Slavery Report that intend to create room for engagement on the following two questions: 1) What did we learn from our community”?, and 2) What does it mean to engage Black and Indigenous descendant communities?

Each question spawns a different type of community discussion and set of activities relative to the report and opportunities for engaging our Harvard Chan community members.

Visit our calendar to view upcoming events, which are also designated as “Legacy of Slavery” events and programs.

Project Steering Committee

To facilitate this process, the Dean’s Advisory Committee for Diversity & Inclusion’s full committee will continue to serve as the steering committee for the Harvard Chan School’s Legacy of Slavery Project.

The Steering Committee’s charges are to do the following:

  1. Review all data and feedback collected via engagement with Harvard Chan community on guiding steps for engagement with Black and Indigenous descendant communities; and on suggested actions that the School can take in response to the recommendations in the Harvard & Legacy of Slavery report.
  2. Synthesize all information and develop final recommendations for engagement with descendant communities and suggested actions; and share back approaches with the Harvard Chan community.
  3. Assist with defining next steps on engagement of Black and Indigenous communities.

To provide feedback, comments, or for any questions, please email us at legacyofslavery@hsph.harvard.edu.