Inclusive Excellence Plan Implementation Visual


This implementation visualization and dashboard allows Harvard Chan community members to see where progress is being made with respect to our three priority areas and action items identified in our strategic implementation plan for the Foundations for Sustainable Progress and Transformation: An Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan for Harvard Chan School. Since 2022 however, new university priorities have emerged, which have also shifted our School level priorities and timelines for multiple items. These new endeavors include implementation of the Non-Discrimination and Anti-Bullying Policies and Procedures, the Legacy of Slavery Projects, and revisions to programs and protocols stemming from US Supreme Court decision on admissions practices.

For the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) to ensure progress with the implementation of identified objectives and action steps, it will be important to take an active role in monitoring and partnering with individuals, offices, and committees essential to implementing and executing action items identified in the strategic plan.

Our commitment is to be transparent regarding areas where progress is made as well as any areas where we may need to re-evaluate, re-think, and make adjustments as we learn and gather insights regarding our work to advance EDIB goals within the school. As needed, action items will be added and/or amended, and timelines will be updated.

Summary of the three Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan Priority Areas:

Strategic Plan

Below reflects the three priority areas as well as their core themes.


Status of ongoing and cyclical action items, by priority area and implementation phase:

In order to address each of the themes relevant to the promotion of diversity, inclusion and belonging at the Harvard Chan School, the Dean’s Advisory Council for Diversity and Inclusion created a strategic plan that provides a 3-year roadmap for implementation. The Harvard Chan School is currently in year 1 of the implementation process. Below is a summary of the progress that has been made to date, which is updated quarterly.

Cyclical action items

As of January 26, 2024, 90% of the ongoing and cyclical action items are completed, 5% are in-progress, and 5% are planned.


Past & Current year action items

Academic year 2022

As of January 26, 2024, 61% of the Year-1 action items are completed, 25% are in-progress, and 14% are planned.


Academic year 2023

As of January 26, 2024, 28% of the Year-2 action items are complete, 28% are in-progress, and 45% are planned.


Academic year 2024

As of January 26, 2024, 0% of the Year-3 action items are complete, 100% are in-progress, and 0% are planned.



With respect to areas of growth and improvement, if you have specific feedback or suggestions on areas of focus or action items, please get in touch with our office.