DrPH Alumni News

Caroline Pogge

Caroline Pogge, DrPH '19

Caroline was profiled by East Fishkill Living from her 28th year of service in the U.S. Army to her academic journey including teaching and Director of Fordham University’s Master’s in Health Administration program.

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Jessica Huang

Jessica Huang, DrPH ’20

In 2019, Jessica had a rock climbing accident that tore her ulnar collateral ligament and gave her an elbow range of motion disability, limiting the joint to ~20 degrees of movement. With help from mentors at Partners for Youth with DisabilitiesHarvard University Disability Resources, and Tufts Medical Center, both of Jessica’s arms now differ in range of motion by only 5-10 degrees! Now, Jessica is supporting the Range of Motion Project (ROMP), a nonprofit that provides prosthetics and follow-up health services, by using her regained mobility to attempt to climb the world’s tallest volcano to support others.

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