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Guest Spotlight

tia taylor - guest spotlight
Tia Taylor, DrPH ’25 Jiann – Ping Hsu College of Public Health (Georgia)

To bring a spotlight on  work DrPH students/alumni are undertaking in other public health institutions, we are providing a DrPH Guest Spotlight to learn more of the initiatives taking place nationally and globally from this growing Doctor of Public Health community. The areas of discussion (or “hot topics”) are related to their program/project or current job. We hope to create a robust environment of engagement, dialogue and sharing of ideas amongst the DrPH community.

Our current DrPH Guest Spotlight is on Tia Taylor, DrPH ’25!

  • What is the name of the DrPH Program you are currently enrolled in/are in an alumnus of?

Tia: I am currently enrolled at Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health at Georgia Southern University. I am an alum of Savannah State University (undergraduate) and Armstrong State University (graduate).

 My major focus is Public Health Leadership with an emphasis on health education. My areas of interest in public health consist of Emergency Management, Community Health, and Health Promotion. I aim to contribute to the community and spread awareness for underserved populations.

  • Where are you currently working and a brief description of your job?

Tia: I am currently working as a Project Coordinator for the Office of Readiness and Response with direct support to the Jurisdictional Readiness and Response Branch at the Centers for Disease Control Prevention in Atlanta, GA. My role consists of providing expertise, funding opportunities, technical support, and trainings to help health departments prepare for health emergencies. Throughout my experience, I serve as a resource to ensure health department liaisons respond with guidance and assistance to ensure health departments recover and build their communities effectively in the event of an emergency.

  • If you are in a management position, what would you look for when hiring new graduates from a DrPH Program?

Tia: I do not currently serve in a managerial role but, when that opportunity arises, I would look for a candidate who is goal oriented with the drive aimed to improve health outcomes within our communities.  Some skills that set you apart from other candidates would be self-motivated individuals that have the skill sets to work independently that are willing to work to create a better tomorrow.

  • What is one “hot topic” in public health you are currently working on or one you would like to shine light on for the public?

Tia: Throughout my educational endeavors, I have developed a passion for understanding the importance of drug education and how substance abuse can affect a person physically mentally, and emotionally. Substance abuse is a huge public health concern and public health professionals should do more to eliminate the inappropriate use of legal substances. It is essential to educate all people on how these drugs can affect your health and daily behaviors.  One common drug that tends to be misused is the over consumption of alcohol. Often, it is observed that college students tend to binge drink and experiment with street drugs with their peers at alarming rates. These activities are common in the college setting, but many people do not consider how harmful these drugs may be to their health overall. The over-consumption of alcohol is responsible for many deaths in the United States. It has also broken up families due to irrational behaviors by users.

I am interested and researching health policies related to substance abuse and determining how the misuse of these drugs can be costly to the economy.  Overall, I am interested in providing more health education on the effects of drugs and how developing helpful prevention measures will be beneficial to the community outreach programs.  

  • Is there any work/document/article you are currently working on that you’d like to promote?

Tia: I do not have any work to promote at this time, however, I am open to connecting with all public health professionals, students and alumni. I can be reached at ct09348@georgiasouthern.edu or via Linked In: Tia Taylor, MPH.

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