DrPH Student News

Mrinalini Darswal

Mrinalini Darswal, DrPH '24

Mrinalini published an op-ed titled: “Poonam Pandey’s Stunt Has Everyone Googling. A Look at FAQs on HPV and Cervical Cancer” for News 18. This article attempts to answer basic questions and guide seekers to services that are essential to prevent and treat cervical cancer, which, if left to itself, kills 8 out of 10 victims.
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Eirliani Abdul Rahman, DrPH '24,

Eirliani’s policy brief titled “Indirect Swarming and Its Threat to Democracies: A New Frontier in Online Harassment”, published by New America, has been sent to three committees/working group in Congress as of February 5, 2024: the Foreign Relations Committee, the Working Group on AI and, the Committee on Energy and Commerce.
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