Nilufer Rahmioglu

Nilufer RahmiogluCurrent Position: Senior Research Fellow, Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics,  University of Oxford, UK.
Visiting Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health, University of Oxford, UK.
President, Cyprus Women’s Health Research Initiative, Cyprus.
Nationality: Turkish Cypriot
  • BSc. Biology, Clark University (2006) Clark University
  • MSc Environmental Health (2007) CII/HSPH, Cyprus.
  • PhD Medicine (2011) King’s College London, UK

“I was part of the first year students of the program on a full scholarship in 2006-7 in Cyprus. The interdisciplinary nature of the MSc courses was great to get the expertise across various subjects to be able explore the complex nature of public health problems. The courses were given by experts of their fields within a class of <20 students and interactions with fellow students from Boston and Cyprus who had varied backgrounds/interests also made the experience very motivational. I was inspired to follow a research career in epidemiology and in particular genetic epidemiology in particular from introduction to epidemiology course given by Nicos Middleton.”