Jordan Rossen

PhD Student
Department of Epidemiology

2020-Present Jordan is a PhD student in the Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics track of the Epidemiology PhD program at HSPH. He is interested in the development of methods for polygenic risk prediction in Non-European populations. Before HSPH, Jordan’s research focused on data processing methodology for high-throughput cancer genomics datasets.

Bicheng Han

PhD Student
Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology

Bicheng Han is a PhD student from OEB program, center for Brain Science. Bicheng Han focuses on the development of non-invasive brain-computer-interface (BCI) and its various applications in rehabilitation, physiological normalization, cognitive training and digital medicine.  After years of research, Han developed an EEG detecting headband which can read brain signals at medical level precision. … Continue reading “Bicheng Han”