Continuing Nutrition Education

Current Programs Offered

Using Evidence-Based Nutrition Science: Achieving Healthier Organizations and Communities

This 2.5 day course will translate insights from new nutrition research into practical guidance for your organization or community. The program will cover the latest in-depth knowledge emerging from nutrition science, explore important controversies, translate lessons from failed attempts to shift stubborn nutrition and food choices, and identify concrete opportunities to pursue. Participants will engage with respected experts in evidence-based nutrition, obesity, food insecurity, sustainability, food policy, and food safety through real-life case studies and focused discussions. Issues such as food and calorie quality, effective approaches for influencing consumer behavior, promotion of plant-based diets, the role of marketing in food choice, and lessons learned from unsuccessful efforts aimed at improving healthy eating will be the focus of large and small group interaction.
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a globe on a plate with a fork and spoon with text overlaid Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet

Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet: A Short Interactive Course on Healthy, Sustainable Eating

This free 10-minute learning experience, available in editions for health-science professionals and for the public, dynamically guides learners toward food choices that benefit both body and planet. You will learn why change is needed, which food groups deserve special attention, and how to incorporate a flexible approach to planet-friendly eating that can work for everyone. This award-winning resource is co-authored by Dr. Walter Willett of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Dr. Stephen Devries, preventive cardiologist and executive director of the educational nonprofit Gaples Institute.