Nutrition Staff

Administrative Team

  • Katrina Soriano
    Executive Director in the Department of Nutrition and the Department of Molecular Metabolism
  • Patrice Brown
    Manager of Administration
  • Amina Gueye
    Department Administrative Assistant
  • Jessie Powell
    Research and Administrative Coordinator to the Chair
  • Deborah Flynn
    Executive Assistant to Dr. Walter Willett
  • Kate Janisch
    Culinary Nutrition Research Coordinator
  • Rebecca Unger
    Faculty Assistant to Dr. Edward Giovannucci and Dr. Eric Rimm
  • Amelia Zhang
    Faculty Assistant to Dr. Josiemer Mattei and Dr. Stephanie Smith Warner

Finance Team

  • Meghan O’Donnell
    Associate Director of Finance
  • Susanne Alexander
    Senior Grant Manager
  • Vanessa Barton
    Senior Grant Manager
  • Patricia Lambkin
    Senior Grant Manager
  • Judith Shepro
    Senior Grant Manager
  • Man Tan
    Senior Grant Manager
  • Bristian Justice
    Financial Specialist
  • Gloreimy Nova
    Accounts Payable Assistant

Academic Team

  • Stefanie Dean
    Academic and Educational Projects Coordinator
  • Hilary Farmer
    Monday Nutrition Seminars, Nutrition Newsletter, Faculty Appointments and Research Scientists, and the Annual Stare-Hegsted Lecture Coordinator


  • Brett Otis
    Nutrition Communications Project Manager
  • Nancy Oliveira 
    Science Writer

Research Staff

  • Betsy Frost-Hawes
    Senior Project Manager, The Health Professionals Follow-up Study
  • Louise Bishop
    Senior Project Manager, The MIND Trial
  • Laura Kent
    Senior Research Dietetic Coordinator
  • Rebecca Mozaffarian
    Research Project Manager
  • Isa Berzansky
    Research Assistant