Dietary Biomarker Symposium

Advances, Challenges, and Future Directions in Food Biomarker Research

A virtual symposium co-chaired by Qi Sun (Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), Lorraine Brennan (University College Dublin, Ireland), and Jayne Woodside (Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Monday, November 16, 2020
[This event has passed.]


[8:00-8:05am EST]
Opening remarks
Qi Sun, Lorraine Brennan, and Jayne Woodside

Session 1

[8:05-8:30am EST]
NIH strategic plan and roadmap to accelerate nutrition research over next 10 years – Download slides 
Padma Maruvada

[8:30-8:55am EST]
Systems epidemiology approach to precision nutrition and metabolic health
Frank Hu

[8:55-9:20am EST]
Biomarkers powering precision nutrition
Baukje de Roos

[9:20-9:30am EST]
Moderator: Qi Sun

Session 2

[9:30-9:55am EST]
The FoodBall project: results of an international consortium on food biomarkers
Edith Feskens

[9:55-10:20am EST]
Implementation of precision versus public health nutrition approaches in improving human diet quality
Jayne Woodside

[10:20-10:45am EST]
Effects of the gut microbiome on the reliability of dietary biomarkers
Johanna Lampe

[10:45-10:55am EST]
Moderator: Lorraine Brennan

[10:55am EST]  Break

Session 3

[11:05-11:30am EST]
Critical roles of phytochemicals in food biomarker research
Shengmin Sang

[11:30-11:55am EST]
Harnessing controlled feeding trials to aid in the discovery of novel food biomarkers
Alice H. Lichtenstein

[11:55am-12:20pm EST]
Metabolomic approaches to identification of food biomarkers and application in epidemiological studies
Clary Clish

[12:20-12:45pm EST]
Applications of dietary biomarkers in nutritional epidemiology
Qi Sun

[12:45-12:55pm EST]
Moderator: Jayne Woodside

[12:55pm EST]  Break

[1:00-2:00pm EST]
Metabolomics and Food Intake – current status and future outlook
Lorraine Brennan

[2:00-2:05pm EST]
Closing remarks
Qi Sun, Lorraine Brennan, and Jayne Woodside

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