What’s New With ESTR?


The eIRB submission system, ESTR, was upgraded as of Monday, October 19, 2015. There have been many changes to the system, the most notable being the content and order of the application SmartForms. All users should familiarize themselves with these changes to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all submissions going forward. For a list of changes and new features, as well as updated job aids and training information, please visit the ESTR Support Site.

Overall, Faculty and Staff will observe minimal changes to the current ESTR experience. The main new features are:


      • The PI will submit new studies directly to the IRB, as usual; however any required reviews by Faculty Sponsors and/or Department Chairs will occur in parallel with the IRB review rather than as an additional submission step.
      • A PI with an approved study may designate one or more proxy who can submit modifications and continuing reviews for that study on the PI’s behalf.


      • A new comment/notification process will provide an efficient alternative to emails among study staff (e.g., a coordinator can notify the PI within ESTR that an application is ready to submit) and between study staff and the IRB.
      • Study staff members who wish to make changes after submitting can themselves transition the submission back to an editable state, rather than wait for the IRB.


      • Unnecessary questions have been removed from the SmartForm, notably for requests to cede review and for continuing review.
      • Forms, templates, questions, and attachment prompts have been reworded and rearranged.

Changes to the system will not alter any IRB policies or the human subjects research application requirements.

Users with a submission that is actively being reviewed during the upgrade may be required to supply additional information.

Please contact Kim Serpico at with any questions or concerns.