Community Engaged Learning Fellowship Programs

Jocelyn Chu, MPH, ScDGreetings!

As the education reformer, John Dewey expressed so eloquently, “we do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience”. We have seen this to be true among the growing community of fellows who have actively engaged in co-learning and critical reflection as part of their field-based practice and research experience.

Community Engaged Learning Fellowships at Harvard Chan have supported students across the school in all degree programs through a cohort based model where fellows make new connections with each other to share observations, questions and challenges, and to reflect on their own approach to public health research and practice.

Personally, the most rewarding part of leading these fellowship programs is witnessing the transformative learning process that takes place when fellows lean into the idea of being a “learner in the field”.

Our story, Communities as Classrooms, was featured in Harvard Public Health’s Winter 2021 edition.

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors — Dr. Deborah Rose for which the Rose Service Learning Fellowship is named, and to the Winokur Family for their support of fellows who are working with collaborating organizations in Mississippi.

Yours in community,

Jocelyn C. Chu, MPH, ScD

Director of Community Engaged Learning