Community Engaged Learning Fellowship Programs

Jocelyn Chu, MPH, ScDGreetings!

The global pandemic has re-awakened an interest in public health. It has also revealed gaps in our practice of public health. The complex nature of public health problems calls for deep engagement with communities most impacted and a propensity to collaborate across broad networks of stakeholders. Public health education has the unique opportunity to offer students field-based learning and training to sharpen skills in collaborative approaches and community engagement.  

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) Fellowships at Harvard Chan support students and post-doctoral fellows across the school in all degree programs through a cohort-based model where fellows make new connections with each other to share observations, questions and challenges, and to reflect on their own approach to public health research and practice.  

Community Engaged Learning requires fellows to take on the posture of a learner, to articulate one’s positionality in relation to the issue being addressed, and a willingness to be proximal to the people most impacted by issue. The practice of critical reflection is emphasized to challenge assumptions and beliefs and make meaning of the learning experience.  

I invite you to learn more about the different fellowship opportunities under the CEL umbrella and follow the student blog posts from our recent cohort of fellows.  

Yours in community,

Jocelyn C. Chu, MPH, ScD

Director of Community Engaged Learning