How to Submit a Learning Agreement

Harvard Chan uses CareerConnect to manage Learning Agreements, which become part of a student’s record for meeting the Applied Practice Experience (practicum) requirement. Your approved Learning Agreement can be found in the Field Practice section of CareerConnect.

  1. To submit a Learning Agreement, please complete the form below (or via this link). If helpful, draft your Learning Agreement before completing the form below, using the Learning Agreement Planning Worksheet.
  2. After completing the online form, you will receive a link to a PDF.
  3. Submit the PDF of your Learning Agreement to your practice course Canvas site for your practice course faculty to review and mark “Complete”. Note: Do not submit the Learning Agreement Planning Worksheet. You must use the online form below, or via this link, as described in item 1 above.
  4. Your Learning Agreement data will be imported to the Field Practice section of your CareerConnect account by the field practice team. The field practice team will send a link to your practicum preceptor or mentor to sign off electronically. They do not need a CareerConnect account to sign off.
  5. After your preceptor signs off, your Learning Agreement will be marked as “Approved”.

If you have any questions, please email