Learning Agreement

Learning Agreements require approval by the practice course instructor.

They must have signatures of the student, preceptor, and practice course instructor. The final approved Learning Agreement will be in the Field Practice section of CareerConnect. Check with your Field of Study for details.

About the Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is required prior to the start of practicum work. It outlines the student’s proposed practicum project (Applied Learning Experience), and serves several purposes:
  1. Academic Agreement: The student’s practice course faculty will review and approve the Learning Agreement as an appropriate project to meet the Applied Practice Experience requirement.
  2. Professional Agreement: The student’s preceptor (sometimes referred to as a practicum mentor or site supervisor) will review and approve the project. As with any professional contract, both parties should agree to the scope, deliverables, timeframe, and expectations before beginning.
  3. Administrative Record: The Learning Agreement serves as the administrative record of the Applied Practice Experience, along with other documentation.