Student Photos and Writing about Field Experiences

The Office of Education would like to collect photos and brief narratives of student field experiences to share with the school community and other stakeholders.

Thank you in advance for sharing your field experiences. We welcome your suggestions for ways to share these valuable student experiences! Submit photos and writing here.

Photos and writing may be used for an online or print photo gallery, shared at an event, included in presentations with prospective host organizations and students, or combined with other media. Photo and writing credits will be included whenever possible.


Please take photographs while you are traveling to illustrate your experience as well as the impact and submit them here. Photographs that work well include:

  • Student and preceptor: Candid shots, action shots, and posed shots
  • Student and host organization colleagues: Candid shots, action shots, and posed shots. Note that photos of students with their preceptors and local colleagues are always well-received by host organizations and are a nice “thank you”!
  • Student “doing the work” with local individuals (if applicable). Please be especially mindful and respectful with this type of photography; always ask permission, and be sure the person understands your intent and explicitly agrees. See media release information below.
  • Student in the field: These photographs show the unique context of your location. Signage, scenery, etc.
  • Close-ups and color: Consider photographing things that are particularly colorful or close up for some variety in your photographs. These can often be more impactful than a photo with many people or things in it.
  • Media Releases: Photos that do not have media releases can only be used within the school, and not for an external audience. We strongly prefer to have media releases so that there is more opportunity to share your work externally. Note that Communications can also accept a release that is given verbally and videotaped. This may be the most practical way for you to get a media release in some circumstances. Below are the photo and video release forms for adults and for minors.

Photo and Video Release Form
Photo and Video Release Form for Minors


Along with a few shots of you “in the field”, please provide some accompanying brief writing (a paragraph is fine) that tells a story about what was impactful to you, with some connection to the photo. This might be included on a poster, or in a photo gallery or book (TBD). Often, very personal stories are the most compelling, but of course, do what is most comfortable for you. Please submit your writing here.