Preceptor Evaluations of the Student

Preceptors must complete a final online evaluation of the student.

Final Preceptor Evaluation of Student
Preview the survey here
The above link is for informational purposes only, to help you and the student familiarize yourself with areas for evaluation. You will be emailed the correct link, specific to the student, towards the end of the Practicum. Practice instructors use the information to help determine the final course grade for their students. We encourage Preceptors to share the evaluation with their students before submitting it, as an opportunity for professional growth. These evaluations are completed through CareerConnect and available immediately for the students to view online. We recognize that each Preceptor-student relationship is unique, and so feel free to contact the Practice Office with any questions about student evaluations.

Midpoint Check-in Survey
Preview the survey here
The link above is offered as an optional tool to share progress and expectations, and to connect with the Practice Office about any questions or challenges that may arise for Preceptors. Alternatively, feel free to contact the Practice Office anytime at