James H. Ware Award

To recognize student achievement in public health practice, the Harvard Chan School awards two students or student teams, in honor of Dr. Gareth M. Green and Dr. James H. Ware. The projects must contribute to the improvement of the health of a defined population and make a significant contribution to the work of the organization, agency, or community in which it is being conducted. The awarded students should embody qualities of dedication, dignity, and vision – attributes of Drs. Ware and Green which were highly valued at the School. Awarded students will all receive certificates, whether they are individual or team projects; a $500 check is included for each of the two awards. (Note: Green M. Green Award monetary component is shared by awardees.)

Who is eligible to receive the Gareth M. Green and James H. Ware Awards?
Graduating Harvard Chan students or student teams from any department and program who have engaged in a practice opportunity or experience during their time at Harvard Chan are encouraged to apply for these awards.

What kinds of projects are eligible?
Projects can be local, national, or international. Eligible projects for nomination must have been conducted for a course or directed study/tutorial during matriculation at Harvard Chan School and supervised by a faculty member.

Who may submit a nomination?
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health faculty, staff, and students. Students may nominate themselves.

When is the deadline for nominations?
Please submit all nominations through this online form (coming soon) by midnight, Monday, April 15, 2024.

What is the difference between the two awards?
The James H. Ware Award is available to individual students while the Gareth M. Green Award is available to either individual students or teams.

How do I decide which award is a better fit for my nomination?
You only need to submit one nomination. The review committee will choose the best fit for each of the two awards. However, teams are only eligible for the Gareth M. Green Award, while individuals are eligible for both awards.

How to I apply and what is required for the application?
Use this online form to apply. Be sure to have the following information and materials ready to submit:

  • Information about the Nominee(s): Name, Email Address, School Department, Degree, Graduation Year
  • Information about the Project: Project Title, Timeframe of Project, Project Site, Site Supervisor
  • Course and Faculty Information: Faculty Supervisor, Course Title, Course Number (if applicable)
  • Project Description (limit 1,500 characters)
  • Role of Nominee (limit 1,500 characters)
  • Assessment of Unique Contribution, including the following: (limit 6,000 characters)
  • The impact made and improvements established within the community whose health the experience improved;
  • A description of the applicant’s process and results;
  • Successes, problems encountered, and sustainability
  • A Letter of Support from the Faculty Sponsor (request through SlideRoom)
  • A Letter of Support from the Site Supervisor (request through SlideRoom)
  • Optional: Any Additional Supporting Materials (you may upload up to two documents)

Questions? Please contact the Practice Team at mph-practice@hsph.harvard.edu.