Andy Kim

Andy Kim is a recent graduate of Harvard College, where he earned his B.A. in Statistics with a focus in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. His work focuses on the application of statistics and data science towards a range of health-related fields. His work with Dr. Golden primarily looks at the use of longitudinal study data from Madagascar to identify the economic value that fishing brings to communities with limited access to formal markets. By identifying differences in fish catch across communities, he hopes to capture the varying effects of fisheries management on sustainability. Outside of his work with Dr. Golden, he is researching the potential impact that metabolomic data has for identifying new risk factors related to heart disease. He plans to spend another year finding novel ways that statistical and computational approaches can be used in the field of metabolomics to identify new health determinants. Afterwards, he will pursue a Doctoral degree in Biostatistics, with the overall goal of improving people’s health by exploring the boundary between clinical practice and modern computational approaches to medical data.