Haley Barravecchia

Haley Barravecchia is a second year Master of Science student in the Environmental Health department. As a water scientist, Haley focuses on salt water systems and impacts of ocean water quality on ecosystem and human health. Her current research is based in Kiribati, investigating reef ecosystem success from water quality as part of the Healthy Reefs, Healthy I-Kiribati Initiative funded by the National Science Foundation and Kiribati Government.

Haley is interested in waterborne illness, particularly the source and manifestation of ciguatera poisoning. Her research is investigating the critical components of aquatic ecosystems, including the bacteriology, heavy metals, and other chemical constituents present. Previously, she worked in the Harvard Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment (C-Change) mapping underground water contamination from fracking and proximity of fracking sites to school drinking water supplies.

Haley graduated from Smith College in 2018 with a B.A. in Biology and Spanish, concentration in Translation Studies. After completing undergraduate research​ on ocean water bioremediation and toxicology, she was elected to Sigma Xi, as well as received the Amey Randall Brown and Dr. Charlena Seymour awards for her biological research contributions and leadership. Haley is also a member of the Harvard Climate Leaders Program and the Harvard Sustainability Council.