Wildlife consumption and human nutrition

Local people hunt wildlife for a constellation of different reasons but one of the primary benefits of wildlife consumption is obtaining critical micronutrients that are absent in the rest of a traditional Malagasy diet. Animal-source foods are incredibly important sources of fats and micronutrients such as iron, zinc, and vitamins A and B complex. Conservation policy prohibits much of the hunting that now occurs illegally. If wildlife populations became depleted from unsustainable harvest or if conservation policy were enforced and access was lost, then the nutritional health consequences to local food security could be major. Since 2008, we have been studying local human health in detail and conducted a prospective cohort study to investigate the epidemiology of anemia associated with bushmeat consumption. More recently, we finished a 15-month prospective cohort study of more than 140 households investigating the relationship between wildlife consumption and a broad suite of vitamins, micronutrients and fatty acids. Although empirical research is now finished on-the-ground, this is still an active area of analysis for our group.

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