Student Perspectives

The DrPH blog site, Student Perspectives, serves as a place for current DrPH students—including those who are working on final doctoral projects and/or a thesis—to exercise thought leadership, and to share viewpoints and reflections as emerging leaders in public health.

Guidelines for Submissions

Some possible topics for a piece for Student Perspectives are:

  •         Leadership challenges and the practice of leadership
  •         Reflections on field-based experiences
  •         Commentary on current issues of public health significance

Submissions for this blog should be approximately 700-800 words long, although longer pieces will also be accepted. As a general rule, a blog is a less formal piece of writing than an academic essay and is generally intended to be read by a wide audience whom you would not expect to have the same level of expertise that you do.  It is an opportunity to try out new ideas, to build on experiences and academic training, and to explore issues in public health that have caught your interest.

For examples, see the blogs currently published in Student Perspectives; a similar but longer piece can be found on this blog on Leadership by Vu Le published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

  • Deadline: There is no specific deadline for submissions. We will respond to you within a week of your submission.
  • Word Count: The 700-800 word count is not a hard limit but is strongly recommended. That word count allows for enough depth to explore a topic while not being so overly long that you lose the attention of your readers.
  • Formatting: No formatting specifics are required, as the piece will be reformatted when uploaded to our blog.
  • Submission Process: Please submit your piece here, with a subject line: Submission for DrPH Student Perspectives. We will respond to you within a week of submission.
  • Review Process: While respecting your writing style and voice, we reserve the right to edit the piece to conform to standards of good usage and grammar to ensure clarity and readability. We will work with each author around any editing that is needed.
  • Questions? Contact Susan Madden with any questions or for further information.

We look forward to your submissions.