April 2021 Newsletter

HSPH Postdoctoral Association (PDA) Newsletter: April 2021 

Hello everyone- Below we have information on (1) Upcoming Events, (2) Current and upcoming PDA initiatives, (3) Additional opportunities that you might find interesting.  Please send us any events or resources you would like highlighted in the next newsletter! (tkphung@hsph.harvard.edu)  


🗓 Upcoming Events 🗓 

** All events are virtual** 

PDA Peer Support Group:(every other) Monday 4/26+ at 23pm  

Each term, we choose one major theme and have 5-6 meetings where we learn and discuss ways to integrate that theme more deeply into our personal and professional lives. We begin with a 30-minute introduction to the topic and then have a 15-minute personal check-in and discussion. This term we’ll be focusing on effective communication from all sorts of different angles – check out the link for more.  

PDA monthly meeting: Wednesday 4/28 at 4-5pm  

The monthly PDA Council meeting is open to all members of the Postdoctoral Association (including postdoctoral trainees and research associates) who want to learn about current and future PDA initiatives. A zoom link will be sent the week prior to the meeting.  


🌐 PDA Initiative Highlights 🌐 

PDA Resource Hub 

Check out our new resource hub with helpful links from the HSPH PDA and Office of Faculty for your postdoc career. If you have suggestions for info you would like to see on our website, email us at pda@hsph.harvard.edu. Find the hub here: hsph.harvard.edu/pda/hub/ 

PDA Career Development Resources 

The HSPH website has a highly curated list of resource for career development including Training opportunities at Harvard, Resources for Grant Writing & Funding Opportunities, Management & Leadership, and many other topics. Check out these lists at hsph.harvard.edu/pda/career-development-activities/ 


📚 Additional Opportunities📚 

Postdoc Position at Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness 

The Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness is recruiting one to three highly skilled and motivated individuals to join our NIH funded, collaborative 4-year project: Advancing Psychosocial & Biobehavioral Approaches to Improve Emotional Well-Being (EWB). The project aims to both catalyze and promote consensus and synergy across multiple and varied approaches to the science of EWB. They are a threesite collaborative group: UCSF (Elissa Epel, Wendy Berry Mendes, Alexandra Crosswell, Aric Prather), the Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness at Harvard (Laura Kubzansky), and UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center (Dacher Keltner, Emiliana Simon-Thomas). More information here.