The Continued Stories of Rose Service Learning Alumni

Notes of gratitude from previous Rose Service Learning Fellows

Jocelyn Chu
I found the above collection of statements as I was cleaning out my folders late last year.  We had just awarded and launched the 12th cohort of Rose Service Learning Fellows and this unexpected “find“ was a welcome surprise. These statements of appreciation and impact from past fellows confirm the transformative nature of an intentionally designed field-based learning experience. Whether it be with a local Boston-based organization or with an NGO in a remote part of the globe, when fellows take on the role of a ”learner in the field” and reflect on the experience of this shift, something deeper beyond just the project and its deliverables emerges! 

Reading these statements naturally made me wonder what happened to all the fellows that have come and gone in the fellowship program. How does the story of their journey as learners unfold beyond the fellowship experience? What, if any, lasting impacts did the fellowship’s framework of engagement have on them?  

This series features stories and updates from past fellows.