Applying for the Global Mental Health Fellowship

Apply here
Please read all of the following material carefully.
  1. Please review the project description on the Current Opportunities page to select the project for which you plan to apply.
  2. Identify your references to include in your application. You will need one Harvard faculty reference and one prior employer reference. You should contact them before submitting your application, with the deadline for the application as soon as possible. Provide them with information about the project and the fellowship program. Upon submitting the application form, your references will be automatically emailed with links to submit their recommendations. However, it is highly recommended that you are in touch with them with a personal note and the links, before they receive the automated email with the links. Note that the Harvard faculty reference link is Harvard Key protected; they will be able to open it, but students are not able to open the link.
  3. Complete the application.
  4. Your cover letter, resume, and references will be sent to the partner organization. If selected for an interview, please respond promptly.
  5. The partner organization will notify the School of their top candidate, and the Office of Educational Programs will coordinate with the Dean’s Office to finalize an offer letter.