Ria Golecha and Aastha Kant’s Co-Authored Opinion in The Indian Express

Ria Golecha and Dr. Aastha Kant, Project Coordinator and Project Manager of the India Research Center, respectively, have recently co-authored “The infodemic on social media around Covid calls for a multi-pronged approach” in The India Express.

In the opinion, Golecha and Dr. Kant advocate a “cocktail approach” to combat to spread of misinformation of COVID-19 on social media. “At an individual level, the “THINK twice” mantra is a guide,” they write. “Ask yourself these questions before forwarding messages: Is it truthful; how does it help; does it inspire; is it necessary and is it kind.”

“There is also a need to mobilise a movement which offers civil society an opportunity to come together actively in community-led actions. These could include building awareness campaigns, and committing themselves towards a common goal of fighting misinformation.”

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