Welcome to the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies!

As a University-wide initiative, we bring together scientists from all corners of the Harvard campus – and beyond – to make exciting advances in population research. With seven billion people living on the planet and a projected nine billion by 2050, our focus is on examining the most nuanced trends and important challenges in this century.

Upcoming seminars

October 2 – RWJF Seminar:Lead Exposure, Socioeconomic Status, and the Propagation of Cognitive Disparities,” presented by Werner TroeskenProfessor, Economics and History, University of Pittsburgh

October 16 RWJF Seminar: “Early Environments, Inflammation, and the Perpetuation of Health Disparities Within and Across Generations,” presented by Thom McDade, PhDMartin J. and Patricia Koldyke Outstanding Teaching Professor, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University