INTRODUCING our 2024–2026 cohort of Bell Postdoctoral Fellows!

Two head shots

We’re thrilled to announce that two new Bell Fellows have been selected from a competitive pool of applicants and will be joining us this coming fall!

Kate Beach will complete her PhD in geography & environment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she has trained in health geography, spatial epidemiology, and population science at the Carolina Population Center. Beach’s work focuses on the links between health and development, specifically focusing on spatial epidemiological approaches to understanding population health and measuring human-environment interactions. As a Bell Fellow, she will build on her research to follow two lines of inquiry, including modeling arbovirus incidence in Brazil, and exploring the links between infectious disease and chronic illness.

Shiro Furuya is a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He is a social demographer with substantive interests in health, aging and the life course, and family. He is currently working on a dissertation examining how retirement causes (or does not cause) inequalities in health and well-being among older people. His work also takes an interdisciplinary approach, integrating insights from statistical genetics to address causal and selective processes that generate inequalities in a population. As a Bell Fellow, Shiro will broaden the scope of his research by addressing underlying mechanisms of how social factors cause inequalities in health, family, behaviors, and socioeconomic status.