About Us

Discovering the metabolic basis of human health and disease

Non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, are responsible for over two-thirds of deaths worldwide. The risk of contracting these diseases is affected by genetic as well and lifestyle and environmental factors. The Department of Molecular Metabolism conducts pioneering research into the causes underlying these complex human disorders. Our studies aim to transform our understanding of wellness and disease and will help us develop novel approaches to address the major challenges to global public health.

The Department of Molecular Metabolism offers an exciting environment to pursue discoveries in cellular and molecular metabolism.

  • Our faculty are leaders in studying fundamental processes such as energy metabolism, immune responses, and aging.
  • Our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are equipped with interdisciplinary skills ranging from molecular and physiological techniques to genomics and large-scale mass spectrometry profiling.
  • Our research aims to understand the most significant challenges to global public health at a molecular level.
  • Our location in a public health environment provides unique perspectives to consider both the individual and population aspects of disease.
  • Our unique community provides countless resources and collaborative opportunities both within Harvard Medical School and with other world-class institutions in the Boston area.

NOTE: The Department of Molecular Metabolism was previously the Department of Genetics and Complex Disorders.