Dr. Josiemer Mattei selected as Culture of Health Leader

Dr. Josiemer Mattei, Donald and Sue Pritzker Associate Professor of Nutrition in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, has been selected to participate in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Leaders program.

Designed for people from all fields—from technology and business to architecture and urban planning—Culture of Health Leaders fosters cross-sector collaboration and supports leaders in their continued growth and development as agents of change for equity and health. Together, they learn new ways of thinking and leading, expanding their perspectives and accelerating their impact.

As a member of the program’s newest cohort, Dr. Mattei aims to support healthy communities among people of Latin American heritage, especially in Puerto Rico. She is steering coordinated multi-level changes (i.e. individual, community, environmental, and policy) that will improve the access to, and intake of, healthy foods, to lessen cardiometabolic disparities in Hispanic/Latin@ populations.

To learn more about Culture of Health Leaders and RWJF’s other leadership programs, and to meet other participants, visit https://cultureofhealth-leaders.org/