MPH Field of Study: Clinical Effectiveness

MPH-45 CLE Field of Study Requirements – Supplemental Information

Upper-Level CLE Coursework

Academic year CLE students are required to take an additional 5 credits of upper-level CLE coursework. (This is highly recommended but not required for summer-only CLE students.) Upper-level CLE courses are defined as any courses beyond the introductory level that provide students with analytic and/or quantitative skills for evaluating clinical/public health issues. The list of approved courses is posted below. Students may propose to take a course that is not on this list by emailing the field of study leader, Heather Baer.

Academic year CLE students may request to enroll in independent study research (EPI 300) as part of their coursework; this may be used to work on the same project as the practicum. A maximum of 5 credits can be taken for EPI 300, and these credits can be spread out across semesters. Of the 5 credits that can be taken for EPI 300, a maximum of 2.5 credits can be counted as upper-level CLE coursework, and an additional 2.5 credits can be taken as elective coursework. Independent studies (e.g., EPI 300) are only pass/fail. Students interested in enrolling in EPI 300 must email the field of study leader, Heather Baer, to obtain approval.

Academic year CLE students may enroll in on-campus courses in any term: summer, fall, Winter Session, and spring. Summer-only CLE students may enroll in on-campus courses only in summer and Winter Session. Summer-only CLE students are not permitted to enroll in on-campus courses during the fall or spring semesters and they are not permitted to cross-register. Both academic year and summer-only CLE students may enroll in MPH-EPI online courses during the fall or spring semesters on a space-available basis.

Upper-Level CLE Courses

Course Number
BST 214 Principles of Clinical Trials Spring 1 2.5
BST 215 Linear and Longitudinal Regression Summer 2 or Spring (ONLINE) 2.5
BST 216 Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation Spring 1 2.5
BST 223 Applied Survival Analysis Spring 5.0
BST 224 Survival Methods in Clinical Research Summer 2 2.5
BST 225 Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis Methods Summer 2 2.5
BST 226 Applied Longitudinal Analysis Spring 5.0
EPI 202 Epidemiologic Methods II: Elements of Epidemiologic Research Summer 2 or
Fall 2
EPI 203 Study Design in Epidemiologic Research Spring 2 2.5
EPI 204 Analysis of Case-Control, Cohort and Other Epidemiologic Data Spring 2 2.5
EPI 210 Study Design in Clinical Epidemiology Summer 1 2.5
EPI 215 Advanced Topics in Case-Control and Cohort Studies Fall 1 2.5
EPI 221 Pharmacoepidemiology Fall 1 2.5
EPI 233 Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis Spring 2.5
EPI 235 Epidemiologic Methods in Health Services Research Spring 1 2.5
EPI 236 Analytical Clinical Epidemiology Summer 1 5.0
EPI 253 Effectiveness Research with Longitudinal Healthcare Databases Summer 2 2.5
EPI 269 Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology I Fall 2 2.5
EPI 271 Propensity Score Analysis: Theoretical and Practical Considerations Winter 1.25
EPI 288 Introduction to Machine Learning and Risk Prediction Next offering TBD 2.5
EPI 289 Epidemiologic Methods III: Models for Causal Inference Spring 1 2.5
EPI 293 Analysis of Genetic Association Studies Winter 2.5
EPI 526 Analysis of Publicly Available Databases for Epidemiologic and Health Services Research Fall (ONLINE) 2.5
EPI 527 Design and Conduct of Trials in Preventive Medicine Fall (ONLINE) 2.5
EPI 528 Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Fall (ONLINE) 2.5
ID 537 Obesity Epidemiology Fall 2.5
Risk and Decision Sciences
RDS 202 Decision Science for Public Health Spring (ONLINE) 2.5
RDS 280 Decision Analysis for Health and Medical Practices Fall 2 2.5
RDS 282 Economic Evaluation of Health Policy and Program Management Spring 2 2.5
RDS 284 Decision Theory Fall 5.0
RDS 285 Decision Analysis Methods in Public Health and Medicine Spring 1 2.5
RDS 286 Decision Analysis in Clinical Research Summer 1 2.5
RDS 288 Methods for Decision Making in Medicine Summer 2 2.5
Social Epidemiology
SBS 263 Multilevel Statistical Methods: Concept and Application Spring 5.0
HPM 299 Research with Large Databases Summer 2 2.5
ID 214 Nutritional Epidemiology Spring 2.5

Last updated: 08.15.2023