Teaching Fellows

Paul Catalano Headshot
Teaching Fellows are at the heart of the School’s instructional dynamic, bringing together not only their own subject area knowledge but also a unique perspective as students on their own path of scholarship. Our TFs offer a freshness and understanding that strongly compliment our talented faculty.

Paul Catalano, ScD
Senior Lecturer, Department of Biostatistics

Teaching Fellows (TFs) are a vital part of successful teaching at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, as they are across the University. While not all courses include TFs as part of their teaching teams, many do, and we have heard that a page such as this one could help to facilitate course instructors and TFs working together with clarity about their roles, with the ultimate aim to develop and deliver courses that are excellent learning experiences for our students.

This content is meant to help you—course instructors and TFs—to meet those goals of having clear expectations as a teaching team and teaching successfully, by providing a common framework. As a framework, it is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to TFing. It is meant to facilitate alignment around a concise set of school-wide expectations, while recognizing and embracing that there is considerable variation in the specific expectations across the range of the School’s courses and disciplines.

If you have any suggestions or feedback about your experience or additional content that would be helpful for TFs, please reach out to the Office of Education (oed@hsph.harvard.edu).