Open House & Reception

Photos: Claudette Agustin

On Monday, April 28, 2014, the Harvard Pop Center kicked off its 50th Anniversary celebrations with an Open House and Reception at 9 Bow Street in Harvard Square. Highlights included poster presentations by our postdoctoral fellows spotlighting their current research, reunions between past and current faculty, staff and fellows, tea and treats from around the globe, and all-around good cheer!

Poster presentations included:

  • IAN SALAS:  Typhoons & excess fertility in a disaster-prone country
  • JESSICA WILLIAMS: Patient Safety First… A California Partnership for Health
  • DAN CORSI: Weight of communities: a multilevel analysis of residential environment & body mass index of women in low- to middle-income countries
  • SELENA ORTIZ: Does Race & Ethnicity Moderate the Relationship Between Homeownership and Health? Findings from the California Health Interview Survey
  • MARK MCGOVERN: From Population Pressure to Peer Pressure: Social Networks & Fertility in a Demographic Transition Society
  • CLEMENS NOELKE: Recessions, Job Loss & Population Health
  • ADAM LIPPERT: System Failure: The Spatial Distribution of Black-White Disparities in Septic Mortality & its Small-Area Correlates
  • LAURA YASAITIS: Local Population Characteristics & Diabetes Care Quality