Headshot of Hailu Dhufera

Hailu Dhufera

Global Mental Health Fellow

Hailu Dhufera, MD, MPhil, is a DrPH candidate in his second year of study, originally from Ethiopia, and deeply passionate about global health, mental health, and health financing. He possesses significant expertise in the healthcare systems of low- to middle-income countries, having worked for the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, as well as the World Health Organization and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.  Hailu is always looking for innovative solutions that could be adapted to the global health system and help to alleviate the suffering of the worse off.

We aim to conduct an analysis of the data gathered through the EMR to understand the household financial burden of seeking care before the intervention (EEG neurodiagnostic program available at the clinic) and the possible reduction of out-of-pocket costs with the availability of proper diagnostics for epileptic care.