William Bean, PhD

William Bean

Instructor and Practice Advisor
Office of Education

William (Bill) Bean is an Instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health. Before coming to Harvard, Bill spent 20 years as an independent management consultant, working primarily with Fortune 50 companies around the world.  He worked primarily with senior executives to formulate and implement innovative strategies that would generate measurable, bottom-line results within relatively short periods of time – typically within 100 days. Early in his career he worked largely…

Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell, Jr.

Field Education and Practice Coordinator
Office of Education

Andrew is the Field Education and Practice Coordinator in the Office of Educational Programs. Andrew graduated in Spring 2022 with a Masters in Public Health in Healthcare Management from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, one year after graduating with a Bachelors degree in Public Health. Andrew was part of Massachusetts’s COVID-19 contact tracing efforts with the Community Tracing Collaborative, experience that allowed him to help those directly impacted by the…

Jocelyn Chu, MPH, ScD

Jocelyn Chu

Instructor and Director of Community Engaged Learning
Office of Education

Jocelyn Chu is the Director of Community Engaged Learning and an Instructor in the Office of Education. The focus of her work is in field based education and community engaged learning. She develops partnerships with host organizations and designs field based opportunities to engage students in team processes and leadership development. Jocelyn leads the Community Engaged Learning Fellowships program which centers on a practice of critical reflection and transformative learning.…

Stacey King, MS

Stacey King

Director of Field Education and Practice
Office of Education

As Director of Field Education and Practice, Stacey’s work focuses on developing applied and field-based learning opportunities at Harvard Chan. Previously, she worked for 10 years at Cambridge Health Alliance, with the Cambridge Public Health Department. She most recently served as the Director of the Community Health Division addressing the health of men of color, children’s oral health, violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, early childhood literacy, and health communications. In…