An Na

Global Mental Health Fellow

Dr. An Na is a DrPH student and Prajna Fellow at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She has worked in humanitarian aid for more than a decade.

Before joining humanitarian work, Dr. An Na trained as a gynecological oncology specialist and worked as an attending physician at Peking University Cancer Hospital. She published several medical papers on Oncology and popular science readings. She is an active public speaker on global humanitarian work by introducing her field experience to medical professionals and the public in China. Her goal after the DrPH program is to lead the field operations which could impact the health system and policy change at a national/international level for the benefit of the under-served populations, especially women and children in every corner of the world.

An Na’s project focuses on assessment of potential programs for specialized populations served by the clinic, including maternal mental health, children and adolescents, caregiver mental health, or others.