Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness’s Resilience Resources Page

The Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness has recently released a Resilience Resource page in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The rapid spread of COVID-19 has generated a great deal of uncertainty, fear, and dislocation. With almost unfathomable speed, our world has been transformed, routines disrupted, and an often silent but potentially lethal virus has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives…,” writes Drs. Laura Kubzansky and Kasisomayajula “Vish” Viswanath, the Center’s Co-Directors. “Thus, in response to COVID-19, we have created this page and its embedded links to bring together the latest research on resilience, providing scholars with some key research findings on resilience, some discussion of these findings and their implications (both written and videorecorded), along with an index of commonly used resilience measures.”

Visit the resource page.