Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources for Students at Harvard

We hope that you find these resources to be helpful: The Mental Health and Wellbeing Online Learning Module equips students with information and tips on ways to support individual wellbeing, where to seek help when needed, and how to help a friend in need. Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) provides direct support.  One example … Continue reading “Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources for Students at Harvard”

Apply Now

Applications will go through SOPHAS through the SPH Admissions Office. The deadline for applications is December 1. For more information: Review the Academic Programs section of our website for eligibility requirements Visit the Harvard Chan Admissions Office for general requirements of admission Apply Online Now Helpful Links for Applicants: How to Apply: When to Apply: Tuition and Fees: … Continue reading “Apply Now”

HPM Policy on Winter Session

Each full-time HPM student is expected to participate in Winter Session activities that will enhance the student’s academic experience. The nature of these experiences will vary in accordance with the needs and interests of individual students. Some of the activities that would be appropriate include: Courses on campus – these may be credit or non-credit … Continue reading “HPM Policy on Winter Session”

Course Registration Information // Helpful Links

Here are several resources that students find to be helpful when registering for courses each semester: General Course Registration Resources Student Portal: This is the portal you will use to register for all of your classes, view your faculty advisor information, and keep track of all of the courses that you have registered for. … Continue reading “Course Registration Information // Helpful Links”

HPM Students – Tips for Working with your Academic Advisor

Each student is assigned an advisor, who is an HPM faculty member.  The advisor’s role is to provide the student with academic guidance, information and general assistance.  Each student must meet with his or her advisor at least twice during the academic year (before the start of the Fall and Spring semesters) to discuss the … Continue reading “HPM Students – Tips for Working with your Academic Advisor”