HPM Policy on Winter Session

Each full-time HPM student is expected to participate in Winter Session activities that will enhance the student’s academic experience. The nature of these experiences will vary in accordance with the needs and interests of individual students. Some of the activities that would be appropriate include:

  • Courses on campus – these may be credit or non-credit courses at the Harvard Chan School or at other Harvard graduate schools or MIT;
  • School-sponsored field trips;
  • Independent study under the auspices of a faculty sponsor (HPM 300 courses);
  • Working on a practicum project;
  • Researching post-graduation job options and opportunities;
  • Research projects; and
  • Volunteer work in the community.

For those in the MPH Program, the MPH Office has a Winter Session Policy available online:  https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/office-of-education/master-of-public-health/for-students/mph-winter-session-policy/